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Коммерческие споры / Italy Law

Коммерческие споры

Introduction by Professor Cesare Mirabelli,
honorary Chairman of the Italian Constitutional Court



The outline of the Italian commercial litigation drafted by Mr. Michele de Meo of Rome, Italy, gives an essential information on the subject.

The Author informs about: structure of the Italian Courts, the Courts where commercial litigation is Initiated; the limits on the Courts' jurisdiction.

The outline describes: the procedure before a Court of first instance, sketching pre-trial definition of issues, pre-trial hearings, pre-trial Discovery and depositions, pre-trial Experts’ reports,  pre-trial investigatory procedures as well as  trial dates and duration.

A further part of the outline deals with the appeal and the petition for Cassation, as well as the weight of judicial precedent over the judges and the parties. Some notions about the enforcement of judgments and orders and the recognition of foreign judgments and arbitration awards, close the outline.

Updates: March 2022 / Copyright © 1998-2022 de Meo & Associati / VAT Number: 08311670585
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